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民僑企業有限公司成立於西元 1996 年秉持 ” 服務大眾提倡自動化 ” 為宗旨

並以專業的技術 享譽國內自動控制業界


西元 1999 年代理 Pro-face 工業級人機介面 HMI.

西元 2007 年代理 BANNER 電控光電系列產品. 


MIN CHYAU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD was established in 1996, whose goal is to “serve the public

and advocate automatic”. Furthermore, it has great reputation in domestic automatic

control industry by professional techniques. Not only does it own state-of-the-art

techniques, but also provide complete after service and educational training to match

customers' needs.

It has handled Pro-face HMI since 1999. 

It has handled BANNER since 2007. 

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